A post came up on my Facebook memories today and it made me feel grateful for social media because this feels perhaps even more important today than in 2019 when this conversation occurred.

Feb 17th, 2019

Yesterday I had a client that I got into a deep conversation with that is doing her dissertation on the idea of personal sovereignty in which she described sovereignty as being a responsibility to the land & community, not a right to power or rule. We ended up speaking for an hour after her session about these thoughts and she brought up the idea of change and that real change comes from new ideas pushing forward rather than the breaking of old bad ideas. I think this is really powerful. We often can’t fight someone’s ideals especially ones they’ve grown with… but we can preset new ones and offer community within it.

We spoke about masculine & feminine energy working together to bring balance. We noted that masculine & feminine energy do not belong to genders and are within each of us and the imbalance we see as a whole with toxic energy is an imbalance within people not giving their whole selves a voice.
So many thoughts on all of this. So many things to give voice to. This short little trip to SF has been soul enriching and full of mindful reminders that sometimes I need only to stand where I am to find joy.

I’ve been in a mood to write lately but find myself having too much to say and not knowing how to present it, or being unsure in what I say because so much of my world view has been changed through the last few years. And seeing this post pop up today was a delight because I remember this conversation so clearly. And I remember when I wrote this feeling like I really understood it all. And now I realize how much I still had to learn. How much I still have to learn. Progress.

It also made me remember the period of my life when I was working for a boudoir photo company & traveling a bunch. It was a tough period in my life. I have found gratitude in it all, though sometimes I still shudder to think about how much work I was taking on just to feel okay. Sometime in 2015 I had decided to go full time with photography and quit my job. I began working for a boudoir company to ensure I could make ends meet and that entailed me traveling to different cities once, twice, maybe three times a month and photographing anywhere from 10-25 women in a just few days. It was difficult work. Photographing boudoir often means you must hold a great deal of empathy, compassion & love and when photographing 8 people in a day, 3-5 days in a row… I was tapped out very often. During the early days of this transition into my career my ex and I broke down and our marriage broke down with us. The grief surrounding the loss of this core relationship in my life was profound, but it happened alongside the loss of an incredibly important friendship as well so my grief was doubled and the uncertainty I had in life felt all consuming.

Looking back on this period I feel grateful because I learned I could walk into pretty much any space and create with whatever light was available and it made me a more confident photographer. I learned how to photograph so many body types, so many different styles and preferences, how to work with so many different personalities. Each trip was incredibly exhausting for me and often I’d head back home to a full schedule of my own clients.

During this time I learned my level of resilience while going through a big upheaval in my life and I learned how to create a new pathway for myself. Before I went full time with photography I was very scared to quit my job which was very comfortable in a lot of ways and terribly uncomfortable in many others. I simply knew I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing and it was not right. Taking the leap into full time photography was UNCOMFORTABLE but woah did it feel right despite the challenges I was encountering both in learning how to run a business but also with learning how to live life on my own again. Running a business comes with so many other challenges though. I learned I could hold myself together in tough situations, but I wasn’t the most pleasant person to many people during that time. I was ungrateful of the help being offered because I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I was all prickly skin and full of distrust around the intent others had. I am prone to quick defenses and my defenses at that time presented as anger and irritation. I learned I needed to gain more communication tools and boundaries in professional AND personal settings. I have been working diligently to do so over the years. Progress.

During that time I learned I could travel alone which was something I had never done before really. In fact, I may enjoy that form of travel the best. I also learned how devastatingly lonely it could be to sit in an airport for 8 hours with no control over travel or life situations while going through the devastation of divorce. And subsequently I found how important comfort dogs in airports are when you’re openly weeping about the loss you’re enduring around strangers. And the only form of comfort or acknowledgement of my pain came from a big ol golden retriever putting his big beautiful head in my lap and his handler allowed him to stick with me for a good 20 minutes before gently saying I hope whatever you’re going through becomes healing. (*sobs at the memory*) It did become healing. Eventually. Progress.

I also learned how to rebuild. How to traverse new pathways, new relationships. During that time I met my now husband, Jordan, & learned how to rebuild trust, how to communicate more effectively & how to love again. I learned a lot about myself during this time.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past few years too. I have a few tattoos on my arms now. One that has one person saying “you’ve changed” and another person saying “I’d hope so” in return. And it’s a constant reminder that change is painful and difficult and often feels out of control but eventually that change will just be a part of me, and I’ll learn to love that piece of myself too. I have a tattoo that says Be Courageous as a reminder to stand tall in my values. I have a Rupi Kaur poem that simply says “i am loving myself out of the dark”. And a tribute to our sweet dog Piper that we lost in 2020. “Keep shinin tiny star”. All of these pieces of me run deep and I am grateful for the reminders these words give to be true & strong in the meaning of them.

I have gone through many forms of photography, many jobs, many pathways since I started this journey nearly 13 years ago now. Photography has been a constant during that time, whatever shape it took in my life and it’s incredible thinking back on all the life experience & knowledge I’ve gained by being true to myself. I am so pleased to know this is the life I’ve been creating, to know that this life I chose so many years ago is one that is very full, very content in so many ways.


Documenting within your love

Denver, CO // Beyond

I welcome all identities, cultures & abilities. I believe love is love and that all genders are beloved. I believe in integrity & respect. I believe that all bodies are beautiful. I believe that humans are beautiful, messy creatures and we are all worthy of being documented.


Photography is a tangible form of nostalgia.

My journey as a documentary lifestyle photographer stems from my childhood love of looking through our photo albums. I find myself seeking connection with my family in ways I don’t know that I understood until adulthood. I have a deep desire to give families the ability to connect in the same way. We have so many stories to share & I believe that photography is an incredible way to do just that.


I firmly believe that what I do is collaborative creation

I cannot document how I do without the trust & openness my clients extend to me. My clients extend that to me with the understanding that I can create within it.

I specialize in documenting clients in their homes, their creative spaces, in places that are special to them. I want your session to spark a memory or a feeling. My sessions are often unscripted, unposed & full of connection and joy. I have found over the years that lifestyle & documentary sessions allow that energy to flow more naturally and those are the sessions I gravitate toward.

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with my freckles and messy hair, bruised knee and chapped lips - this morning I AM splendidly imperfect and alive // sabrina ward harrison


“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” Maya Angelou


About Kyla

Hi there! Thank you so very much for stopping by! I picked up photography back in 2010 and have had a love affair ever since. I specialize in creating photographs of connection.


My husband is my best friend, best support & I am so happy I get to do life with him. We have two dogs that we adopted into our family after losing our sweet old lady Piper in 2020. Roxy & Maci rule my world in the best of ways. Morning walks and adventures with them are such a delight.


I’m an avid listener of audiobooks & podcasts. Current top reads include The House in the Cerulean Sea (So many life lessons in such a delightful book), A Man Called Ove (the audiobook is narrated by JK Simmons which is just a treat), Legends & Lattes (An orc trades in the barbarian life for the life of a coffee shop and it's so cute!), & Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed (When in need this book of advice often helps me find clarity).


Somewhere in between Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast is so good!), Summer Camp Island (look out for the dancing banana!), Yellowstone (Rip & Beth, are you kiddin me?!) & Ted Lasso (why do I cry almost every episode!) is where my personality lies.

I believe connection is one of the most important parts of the human experience and I love that my work allows me to engage with my clients and friends to document those connections. Find out more about my why!


About Kyla

Hi there! Thank you so very much for stopping by! I picked up photography back in 2010 and have had a love affair ever since. I specialize in creating photographs of the real connection between people and their lives. I’m an avid listener of podcasts, a constant re-watcher of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I believe that if you combined all the characters of Parks & Recreation into one person that you’d have the perfect human. I believe in finding the whimsy whenever possible. I believe connection is one of the most important parts of the human experience and I love that my work allows me to engage with my clients to document those connections.

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to connect!

Even the trees hibernate to conserve their energy for growth. Books are closed for 2022. See you in 2023 <3

I am a small business, functioning 100% on my own. Sometimes I'm out photographing clients in far away lands without cell service. Sometimes I'm right next to my computer. I try my absolute best to get back to inquiries within 48-72 hours.



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"Kyla is simply amazing. I have had the privilege of knowing her for some time now and I can not sing her praises enough. Not only is she incredibly talented and skilled in the art of photography, but her soul is just as beautiful. Her photos are so incredibly breathtaking. They have made me smile, laugh, and cry.
I am someone who HATES to have their picture taken. For me, it is an incredibly personal and vulnerable thing to do. Kyla is the only one who I have been comfortable enough to let this happen with. She is great with kids (and my kids can be a handful!) and with people like me who are stepping out of their comfort zone. I’m constantly in awe of this beautiful woman and her equally stunning photography." - Rachel


"I've used Kyla for Family Photos, Engagement Photos and my Wedding Photos. Her skill, dedication and talent are absolutely outstanding. I've never been so blown away or moved by photos, and yet somehow, every time we use her, she continues to out do herself. Its obvious she has spent years cultivating her craft and it shows - she's professional, empathetic and knows how to be direct even in chaotic situations with lots of celebrating family members and friends. I've never been happier and I feel so blessed to have gotten to work with her on some of the most important days of my life. I cannot recommend enough." - Bobbi & Phil


"Can I just say once again... thank you.. so fucking much for helping me feel through all of these emotions and giving me a platform to speak on the raw setting of this whole pregnancy for me.. I know we still have the birth to go through together but thus far you are really helped me feel through some stuff.. I wanted these to be raw and even tho you have some shots of me being stunning you knew those weren’t what this was about and made sure to get some genuine raw shots for me.. you have no idea how much those mean to me! I just yet I feel like you really did justice for my vision and feelings on that set.. IM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU.. I just wanted to tell you again how much it means to me that you heard me out and ran with what I needed to have happen on top of making me feel absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much." - Kiya

"We are in LOVE with our photos!! We just went through them together and it was so fun to relive our elopement day. You captured our day so perfectly and you are incredibly talented!

We cannot thank you enough for hanging out with us and creating these incredible photos. You really went above and beyond (especially helping us when we lost our rental car keys lol). They are magical and we can’t wait to share them with our families!

Thanks again and best wishes!" - Kendra & Michael


"Thank you so so so much! They’re perfect! I’m ugly crying." - Erika


"Thank you again...we are seriously so happy we decided to go with you as our photographer and we're looking forward to working with you again when baby comes!" - Melody & Dane


Kyla made the experience so relaxed and fun--and the photos turned out wonderful! Intimate and delightful, not staged or stiff. Thank you Kyla! - Zach & family


Kyla is absolutely amazing, she goes above and beyond. Before I even received the pictures, I was so happy with her and the energy she radiates. She’s a beautiful human inside and out. Once I received the images I was overjoyed. None of my kids love their pictures taken but Kyla just followed them around and let them be their selves. No posing just real and authentic and we will cherish these pictures for years to come.

Chelsi & Family


I've worked with Kyla for personal and engagement photos 4 times and recommended her to anyone looking for high quality, intimate photography. You can review multiple photographers posted work and hire them for the look and feel of the finished product, but what you cannot see is the warmness and professionalism that comes with working with Kyla. I believe half the reason I love my photos as much as I do is because of the level of comfort and joy I experience working with her and that absolutely comes through in her final product.

-Mallory & Mark


" Thank you so much!! These are stunning! I teared up looking through them and remembering our day. We really could not have had a better person behind the lens capturing our greatest day to date. Thank you!!" - Hannah & Ian


"Kyla attended our small home wedding this February and the photos she delivered are beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of! I nearly forwent a photographer until my bestie stepped in and insisted that I check out Kyla's work. Now I can't even stomach the thought of how I almost didn't get to have these memories documented so beautifully! The way she was able to capture such amazing candids in the confines of our living room blows my mind. And the way she plays with light... *chefs kiss*. She even ventured outside with us in 6 degree weather for some cute snowy pics. A true professional right here! Thank you so much Kyla. We are so happy with photos you delivered! Keeping you on my radar for anniversary boudoir pics ;)!!!"

Jenna & Erik

"INCREDIBLE PHOTOS! From start to finish, Kyla was extremely responsive and flexible with our family, which included our 7 month old with an early bedtime that conflicted with golden hour. She even responded to a late night text of mine to change our shoot time from early morning to afternoon because I was afraid of our little one being too cold in the outfit I had chosen. 😅 Then, we got the photos back! The way she plays with the light is just gorgeous! She was able to capture my vision easily and take some beautiful candid photos of us playing with our daughter. She offered great direction and we got everything done within a 30 minute shoot. I’m beyond happy. Will be recommending to everyone I know! ❤️❤️" Janelle & Family



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