Parenthood + Maternity Photography

As a Denver lifestyle maternity & newborn photographer my main mission in my photography work is creating tangible memories of a time in your life that changes everything. The moments are fleeting, growth is measurable every single day in the beginning year of your newborn’s life. But that growth isn’t the only growth that occurs. You as parents learn how far your love can extend, how sleepless nights can exhaust you and also make you understand sacrifice in a way you never knew. These are the moments I want to photograph for you- the real life pieces that show how much life is changing, how something so tiny can make such big waves in life.

Maternity sessions can look like whatever you want them to. I often document within client’s homes, letting them settle into the nesting they’ve done to prepare for this big life transformation. However, your session can be in the city, on a mountain, in a forest, in a river… wherever you feel most connected.

I generally photograph newborns within the first month or two when those new patterns are still being put into effect. I like to ensure that there is no pressure with time limits in my newborn sessions & that we are working on the baby’s timeline. I focus on the bond that fuses your family together. Most of my newborn sessions are within my client’s home to help take stress away and allow you the peace of mind of not having to pack up everything to leave the house. I’m always happy to include any treasured items you’d like to be photographed with your session, but aside from that I love the simplicity of connection and focus on that almost entirely in my sessions.