“The Camera Is An Instrument That Teaches People How To See Without A Camera.” Dorothea Lange

Documenting within your love

Denver, CO // Beyond

My journey as a Denver documentary photographer stems from my childhood love of looking through our photo albums. I find myself seeking connection with my family in ways I don’t know that I understood until adulthood. I have a deep desire to give families the ability to connect in the same way. We have so many stories to share & I believe that photography is an incredible way to do just that.

I welcome all identities, cultures & abilities. I believe love is love and that all genders are beloved. I believe in integrity & respect. I believe that all bodies are beautiful. I believe that humans are beautiful, messy creatures and we are all worthy of being documented.

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I firmly believe that what I do is collaborative creation. I cannot document how I do without the trust & openness my clients extend to me. My clients extend that to me with the understanding that I can create within it.

As a documentary photographer my focus is on the details of connection. I specialize in documenting clients in their homes, their creative spaces, in places that are special to them and tell their history. I want your session to spark a memory or a feeling. My sessions are often unscripted, unposed & full of connection and joy. I have found over the years that lifestyle & documentary sessions allow that energy to flow more naturally and those are the sessions I gravitate toward.

with my freckles and messy hair, bruised knee and chapped lips – this morning I am splendidly imperfect and alive

sabrina ward harrison

About Kyla

Hi there! Thank you so very much for stopping by! I picked up photography back in 2010 and have had a love affair ever since. I specialize in creating photographs of connection.

My husband is my best friend, best support & I am so happy I get to do life with him. We have two dogs that we adopted into our family a few years back. Morning walks and adventures with them are the best.

I’m an avid listener of audiobooks & podcasts. Recent top reads include Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (forgiveness & friendship are such gifts), Legends & Lattes (An orc trades in the barbarian life for the life of a coffee shop and it’s so cute!), & Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed (When in need this book of advice often helps me find clarity). But if I’m honest I’ve been knee deep in the Outlander series for a HOT minute & I’ll probably be there for awhile.

Somewhere in between Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast is so good!), Summer Camp Island (look out for the dancing banana!), Anne with an E (nerd!), & Ted Lasso (why do I cry almost every episode!) is where my personality lies.

I believe connection is one of the most important parts of the human experience and I love that my work allows me to engage with people to document those connections.

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Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.
Maya Angelou


Client Testimonials

“Kyla is simply amazing. I have had the privilege of knowing her for some time now and I can not sing her praises enough. Not only is she incredibly talented and skilled in the art of photography, but her soul is just as beautiful. Her photos are so incredibly breathtaking. They have made me smile, laugh, and cry.

I am someone who HATES to have their picture taken. For me, it is an incredibly personal and vulnerable thing to do. Kyla is the only one who I have been comfortable enough to let this happen with. She is great with kids (and my kids can be a handful!) and with people like me who are stepping out of their comfort zone. I’m constantly in awe of this beautiful woman and her equally stunning photography.”

It’s difficult to put into words the amazingness that Kyla creates – but I don’t have to! Her photos speak for themselves, and they emote for themselves. I often look back at my wedding and engagement photos and I’m transported back in an instant. Not only are *they* great, but Kyla has such a positive vibration in her soul that she brings with her to each session and that is so obvious in all of her work. 20000/10 recommend.
KJ & Mark

I’ve used Kyla for Family Photos, Engagement Photos and my Wedding Photos. Her skill, dedication and talent are absolutely outstanding. I’ve never been so blown away or moved by photos, and yet somehow, every time we use her, she continues to out do herself. Its obvious she has spent years cultivating her craft and it shows – she’s professional, empathetic and knows how to be direct even in chaotic situations with lots of celebrating family members and friends. I’ve never been happier and I feel so blessed to have gotten to work with her on some of the most important days of my life. I cannot recommend enough.
Bobbi & Phil

Kyla is so so great!! We needed a photographer for our reception, and Kyla came up in our search when looking for a photographer who focused on candid/natural photography. I’m so glad we found her! She was so easy to work with and comfortable to be around for our special day.

She was great to communicate with, professional, and on-time… and most importantly the photos came out amazing! She got so many great candid shots, as well as nice photos of friends and family together. All of the photos were great, but the ones she got on the dance floor are UNREAL. Looking at them takes me right back to that night. Would definitely recommend Kyla to anyone!

We’ve done three sessions with Kyla since June 2020 (maternity and first birthday sessions for our daughter and a newborn/family in-home session for our son), most recently in April 2023. She has been amazing to work with, and her photos are gorgeous. She captures stunning photos of our very energetic daughter who is always on the move and makes us so comfortable during the sessions so the photos are natural and not forced poses. She also handled the challenges of the COVID pandemic so professionally and has gone above and beyond to ensure we were all healthy for our sessions. I know this will not be the last time we have Kyla photograph our family!

Kyla’s exceptional talent and unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in capturing the most precious moments of our special day along with our engagement photos, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

From the moment we met Kyla, her passion for photography and commitment to her craft were abundantly clear. She took the time to understand our vision, preferences, and the unique essence of our relationship. Her ability to connect with us on a personal level made the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable. She even came prepared with umbrellas for some unexpected rain during our engagement photos which turned out to be some of our favorites from the shoot!

Kyla’s professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive. She meticulously planned each shot, scouted the perfect locations, and considered every angle to ensure that our wedding photographs would be nothing short of extraordinary. Her expertise in composition, lighting, and timing resulted in a collection of images that are simply breathtaking.

On our wedding day, Kyla’s calm and reassuring presence was a source of comfort. She effortlessly managed the entire photography process, seamlessly blending into the background during candid moments while also skillfully directing us and our wedding party for organic shots. Her ability to capture genuine emotions and candid moments was remarkable, and we are forever grateful for the candid shots that reflect the true essence of our day.

The final photographs delivered by Kyla surpassed all our expectations. Each image tells a story, evoking the same emotions and joy we felt on our wedding day. Kyla has a remarkable talent for capturing not only the moments but also the emotions and atmosphere of the day, making each photograph a treasure to cherish for a lifetime.

Kyla’s dedication to her craft extends beyond the wedding day itself. Her post-production work was meticulous, resulting in photographs that are not just pictures but true works of art. The quality and attention to detail were evident in every image, from the vibrant colors to the subtle nuances of each moment.

Kyla is not just a photographer; she is a true artist with an extraordinary ability to freeze moments in time. We are endlessly thankful for her talent, professionalism, warm heart and the stunning visual story she created for us on our wedding day. If you are seeking a photographer who will capture the heart and soul of your special day, Kyla is the absolute best choice.
Lauren & Chris