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Denver Couples Photographer – Two Suns

when you are
and i am
we are two suns

|| rupi kaur ||

Nik & Nini are two of my new favorite people. I met Nini at Jelly Cafe in Denver awhile back and knew I wanted to photograph her immediately. We connected via Instagram which is where I realized that she had this deep and beautiful connection with her girlfriend, Nik and as a Denver couples photographer I was so excited to create imagery of them in their home in downtown Denver. Their space is full of welcoming energy, light & love.

We started out our session just by chatting for about 45 minutes about how they met, what love means to them both & I watched how they connected with each other. Pulling from a recent Instagram post Nini made with some photos from our session, she says, “She asked us what love was, for us. Home, we said. A sanctuary. A resting place, a safety. Gratitude for the small, necessary strengths and tendernesses of each day. And it’s the most precious thing in the world.” And those words rang so true in their session. In the softest moments they pulled each other in and kept each other close. They gave tender kisses and soft touches. They were playful and loving and at the end of our session I asked them to dance together and tears fell and we all group hugged because of the beauty of the moment.

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