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Arvada Documentary Maternity Photographer

Allison reached out to me this year because she was pregnant and wanted to document this time in her life with her little family. Two years ago I did a session with her and her kiddo that was so intimate and beautiful and she wanted the same style of images for her maternity session. They are in a new home and in the midst of such big transitions. My favorite thing about Allison is that she ensures there are little “easter eggs” in the background of the images. Things that make her memory spark. The dried bouquet is a bouquet from the maternity session I did with her first son. There are rings on the dresser that represent some big losses. There are stuffed animals that have been passed down through the family. Each frame includes pieces of their lives. I adore intentional nostalgia so much and it makes me feel so excited to photograph. Enjoy these images and then zip on over to the blog with their intimate motherhood session too!

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