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Fearless Photography

12 going on 13 years of this little thing I named Fearless Photography. I was getting married the year I started taking on sessions for others & I thought (in my 23 year old wisdom) it would be a nice way to preserve my last name. I never parted ways with my name and eventually I parted ways with the marriage and my path changed yet again.

I’ve often thought about changing my business name. Fearless Photography has often felt a little silly, maybe a little generic at times too, maybe like a skin I’ve grown out of. I’ve kept it over the years because I’ve had clients express to me that Fearless meant something to them, and it means something to me too if I think about it.

I’ve often felt like a bit of a fraud. I haven’t been fearless in this journey, in fact I have so many big fears. But the more I think about it the more I realize how funny it is that we convince ourselves of definitions of words as if there is never nuance to anything. As if fearless is a constant state of being or that it truly means to be without concern or worry or never feel fear. I think these days it means that I’ve pushed through many fears, many struggles, many life changes to get to where I am today. I think it also means that I know now that I will push through what will inevitably be more of exactly that. And having the knowledge that life will be unpredictable, often painful & sometimes just dang hard & yet choosing to push through, choosing growth, finding joy, seeking connection & community… that feels Fearless today.

So I’ll keep the name, knowing that my path started here and that this path indeed has been the one to lead me to so many incredible life experiences & connections. So have a lil photo dump of yours truly taken by the incredible Kimberly Mitiska who I am lucky enough to have as chosen family. The first time I had portraits taken was when I was going through a divorce many years ago. I was so nervous in my body & just finding my confidence. Kim took those images too, & they were some of my favorites.

These are my new favorites because I told myself that morning through my insecurities & anxieties that I was worthy of being documented. And so are you.

Be fearless ?

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