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Denver Botanic Gardens Engagement

I met with Amy & Paige for their Denver Botanic Gardens engagement session on a very chilly November day. Amy is a talented vocalist, guitar player, song writer & all aroung incredible human being that I met early in 2022 when she hired me to photograph her and Paige in their home to celebrate their relationship. Later in the year they both proposed to each other so we got to meet up again to celebrate their engagement. Paige brought her polaroid camera and I snapped a few images for them along the way too, and mostly just got weird and artsy with their love because WHY WOULDNT I?! I mean, LOOK AT THEM.

All I’m going to say is if you want the gardens to yourself, choose a chilly day at the end of fall because holy smokes this was the most beautiful I think I had ever seen the gardens.

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