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Evergreen Engagement Photos – Tim & Reagan

Tim & Reagan are two of the kindest people I’ve met. Truly and deeply in love, it’s obvious their connection is firmly rooted. I have will have the biggest honor of photographing their wedding this summer and I cannot wait to celebrate with them. We met up at the peak of the aspens for their Evergreen engagement photos and I got to snuggle their cute as heck pup which is ALWAYS a plus.

They’ve chosen to have a Denver Botanic Garden wedding! The Denver Botanic Garden is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Colorado has to offer. I have photographed many wedding days there in the last few years and every single one has a different feel, a different vibe and yet they all have this incredible atmosphere of the gardens all about. And with a ceremony at the Woodland Mosaic Solarium it is bound to feel beautifully intimate and private, even while the gardens are open to visitors. I have no doubt that we’ll feel as secluded as we felt in this beautiful forest of aspens for their Evergreen engagement photos.

Reagan is an incredible graphic designer and calligraphy artist (Southpaw & Co) and she’ll be doing their own invitations and quite a bit for their wedding. Personal touches are always so lovely to see at weddings.

We met up at my favorite location in Evergreen and then headed up the pass toward sunset to snag that last little bit of light on top of the world. Colorado really never disappoints with a sunset in the mountains. It is always stunning to watch the sun drop behind their enormity. Engagement sessions are a fantastic way for me to get to know my couples, to get to know their love and learn to document them authentically. I try as hard as possible to remain documentary on wedding days and getting to know my client’s allows me the ability to do so with understanding and love for my couples.

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