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Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

Trinity & Jorian planned their Sunrise Amphitheater wedding all the way from Louisiana. They knew the first time they visited Colorado that this was exactly where they wanted to get married. They contacted a micro wedding planner that I partner with and thus the planning began! I was so happy to get to photograph their big day. Colorado really delivered it’s moody weather self and gave us wind, rain & rolling storms throughout the evening but Trinity & Jorian only had smiles for each other as they said their I do’s.

Sunrise Amphitheater wedding are always fun to photograph with the beautiful view of Boulder, Co behind it and big beautiful mountain views just a few moments away at Lost Gulch. You get the best of both worlds for your wedding day! Trinity & Jorian got a real glimpse at the height of these views during their first look up at Lost Gulch. Sometimes I imagine how different things in other places would scare me a bit. I’m not a huge fan of heights but I can usually brave it while on a mountain side. I’m not sure I’d be able to brave it in grasses where snakes were VERY present. We have snakes here but not anything like I imagine Louisiana might be haha. Either way, it always makes me remember how enormous our mountains really are and how lucky we are to have such gorgeous views so close.

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